january 23-30, 2002
greenbelt cinema 1, makati city
metro manila, philippines






Best Film Digital Talkies International Film Festival, 2001
Best Film Digital Talkies Fest 2001
           Best Editing Kara Film Festival 2002

urf professor

Nobody knows the Professor's real name. He wears a no-nonsense safari suit, looks like an accountant, is absent-minded and a little clumsy, loves to read but, being shortsighted, needs glasses to do so. He is good at what he does, yet dreams of winning the lottery so he can retire and give his books exclusive attention. He is the only hit man in town who belongs to a public library. 


Advani tells his story through 4 episodes: Red Bikini, Maya, Funeral Parlour and Jackpot. A thriller but also a black comedy; action packed yet reliant on long stretches of dialogue; the background music evocative, yet the narrative style bordering on the austere. Full of contradictions, Urf Professor nevertheless creates a unified whole. It would be useless to try and summarise the plot, involving as it does a botched assassination, a stolen car, a tramp, a lottery ticket and, of course, a love interest. 


The Filmmaker

Pankaj Advani created Bheja Fry, a series of madcap, short, silent films for Channel V. He has made a children's film, Sunday, for the Children's Film Society of India, which won two National Awards and has been shown at several festivals. He also co-wrote Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na with Kundan Shah.

Directed by: Pankaj Advani


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