january 23-30, 2002
greenbelt cinema 1, makati city
metro manila, philippines









. mov is the Philippines' much-awaited answer to the rousing call of the Digital Revolution.
The festival is dedicated to the exhibition and promotion of digital filmmaking,
by showcasing innovative and groundbreaking films from independent Filipino and foreign filmmakers,
empowered by the new digital production tools.

Updates: Nov. 12 ,2002
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Read the festival review of .MOV as reported by Todd Verow in the upcoming issue of RES Magazine (Volume 5, Number 3), the leading publication dedicated to digital filmmaking.
pp. 72-73 

.MOV: The First Philippine Digital Film Festival
January 23-30, 2002 / Manila
By Todd Verow

As festival and industry types continue to proclaim, “DV has arrived!”, what they really mean is the digital filmmaking revolution has finally been co-opted by Hollywood. Write a crappy script, throw a “star” in it, shoot it in DV, and voila! You have the latest “edgy” indiewood yawn fest. Let the bidding war begin! <READ MORE>


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