january 23-30, 2002
greenbelt cinema 1, makati city
metro manila, philippines





































the twelve poster

the twelve

A postmodern amalgam of Samuel Beckettís Waiting For Godot, Reginald Roseís 12 Angry Men, and Richard Linklaterís Slacker, THE TWELVE tells a story of a dozen men waiting for someone in the middle of somewhere in the middle of the night. Deftly structured into drunken conversations with MTV fictions, the film transports us in a tragicomic world of mixed genres.

Direction, Screenplay, Music, & Cinematography : Khavn Dela Cruz
Animation, Special Effects, & Associate Direction
: Gatla Gunawin
Editing :
Gatla Gunawin, Vince Henson, & KDC
Subtitle Translation:
Zosimo Quibilan, Lei Acosta, & KDC
Production Design :
Gatla Gunawin, Leonardo De La Cruz, & KDC
Company :
Filmless Films

Producers: Khavn Dela Cruz & Jeremiah Domingo
Cast :
Iman, Rodney, Kawayan De Guia, Angel Aquino, John dela Cruz, Jeremiah Domingo, David Endriga, Nico Menza, Jun Cantiller, Fredo, Ebong Joson,Herbie Go, & Vim Nadera as THE TWELVE

The Twelve on shoot  

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