january 23-30, 2002
greenbelt cinema 1, makati city
metro manila, philippines






























taxi ni pilo

Pilo is a taxi driver in his late 40s. His job is to ferry the dead to a halfway station a movie house before the journey to afterlife. Seemingly apathetic at the beginning, Pilo feels he has long been dead anyway. He still regrets that he has not pursued the greatest love of his life, Galina.

     But tonight is different. Tonight he decides to take the chance to finally tell Galina of his love. To see his beloved for the first time. But Pilo is on a deadline. He has to accomplish his mission before the sun rises. Because with sunrise comes the disappearance of the movie house leaving Pilo and his passengers in limbo.

     Slowly Pilo involves himself in the unfinished business of his various passengers. Not knowing this same assistance will be the catalyst for his own closure.

      So tonight is a busy night for Pilo. Because tonight...tonight... he will finally start to live.

Starring: Joel Torre, Lara Fabregas, Paulo Contis, Janet McBride, Baron Geisler
with the special participation of
Tessie Tomas, Caridad Sanchez, Dominic Ochoa, Bodjie Pascual, Soliman Cruz, and
Mark Wilson

Directed By: MILO ALTO PAZ
Line Producer:
Blue Red Pictures
Sound: Mikko Avelino, Maria Ancheta
Editing: Nonoy Dadivas
Production Design: Bianca Dadivas
Music: Dodjie Fernandez
Visual Effects: Nonoy Dadivas
Script: Raymond Lee, Melissa Casia, Weng Raganit, Lucille Quiambao
Cinematography: Rowena Raganit
Creative Consultant: Ricky Lee
Supervising Producer: Marizel V. Samson
Executive Producers: Malou Santos, Charo Santos Concio

Copyright 2001 .Mov: The 1st Philippine Digital Film Fest and Filmless Films. 
 All Rights Reserved.