january 23-30, 2002
greenbelt cinema 1, makati city
metro manila, philippines

















Awarding & exhibition of this long-awaited independent short film competition

silvershorts shortlist 

1. Arnel Telesforo-Marcus Nada-Bretner Medina-Jason Moss-Ferdz
     Valencia-Vic Balanan’s MOVEMENTS
Visual interpretation of music in 5 parts.

2. Arleen Cuevas & Elizabeth Balitaan’s TAGUAN
The story of a family locked in a structure that many refuses and fails
          to confront, as told through the eyes of an 11-year old boy.

3. Renato Bautista’s BISITASYON
A young starving painter’s twin obsessions, with his work and his lover,
split him when a 
          strange collector commissions him to make a masterpiece.

4. Joseph Fabul’s TUBOS
An estranged man returns home to face his fears and pay his debt. You may be through
          with the past, but the past might not yet be through with you.

5. Jolly Feliciano’s KAWALA
Victor experiences recurring dreams that eventually replaces his waking

6. Mo Zee’s SULYAP
An encounter with a sampaguita vendor turns weird.

7. Erin Pascual’s OVERKILL
A 3D Animation combined with live action footage, where a man dreams
of a space
          shuttle orbiting on Mars, crashing down directly at him, and then...

8. Edber Mamisao’s THIS IS MY BODY
          Peeling one’s self beyond skin.

9. Quark Henares’ A DATE WITH JAO MAPA
          A romantic comedy about a fan & her zany attempts to win the boy of  her dreams.

10. Anthony Jayvee Elvert’s PATAK-KAMANDAG
What is the poison of life? Where is it hidden? People in search for the most priced
          possession before the millenium strikes.

11. Miko David's  MASKARA
           An anime-inspired tale of Pinoy samurais about masquerade and
betrayal, set in a
          fictional past in the Philippines.

A story about dead-end donut shop attendants, homophobic younger
bros, hopscotching
          little girls, popsongs & WonderWoman.

Guidelines for SILVERSHORTS

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