january 23-30, 2002
greenbelt cinema 1, makati city
metro manila, philippines





limbo rox 

Featuring Tronong Ginto (Mini-DV) and other Super-8 excursions into the limbo world of Roxlee. 

TRONONG GINTO (Golden Throne)

A treasure hunter looks for the Golden Throne guarded by a menacing wild hermit. The surrealist sequel to the super-8 cult classic "Tronong Puti" (White Throne). 2001 

TRONONG PUTI (White Throne)

An anti-war film using the toilet bowl as the main metaphor. 1983


JUAN GAPANG (Johnny Crawl)

A man crawls and crawls in the city of Manila. 1986


A wild hodgepodge of photographs and animated works.1984


An unusual documentary on Yokohama tattoo artists.1992

Also featuring:

Raul’s HONEY

A seditious film made around the time of Ninoy’s assasination.
Also, a melodrama ahead of its time. A backward & sideward comedy.

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