january 23-30, 2002
greenbelt cinema 1, makati city
metro manila, philippines



(state of being)

A music student rents a room in a boarding house hoping he could have the peace and quiet he needs to compose. He is unaware that other strange personages lurtk in the other rooms in the mysterious house. Eerie silence alternate with disturbing noises. Echoes of coughing and moaning by an unknown someone intrude. Amidst such arcane setting, the principal character is entangled in a web of deceit, betrayal and crime. Expanded from an earlier short film of the same title that Raymond Red created in collaboration with Ian Victoriano.

Cast: Francis Magalona, Jaclyn Jose, Bembol Roco
Director & Cinematographer: Raymond Red
Writer: Ian Victoriano
Produced by FILMEX Productions for GMA 7 Network
1hr 15min

Copyright 2001 .MOV: The 1st Philippine Digital Film Fest and Filmless Films. 
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