january 23-30, 2002
greenbelt cinema 1, makati city
metro manila, philippines






































The story was based on a segment in the noontime show Eat Bulaga dubbed “Pinoy Book of Records” and the Super Pinoy television program which both feature the incredible and inconceivable capabilities of its participants. It tackles the notion of typical Pinoy one-upmanship that characterizes the ordinary people’s struggle to impress in order to gain instant fame by doing extraordinary or unimaginable things while establishing  or breaking a record of sorts. The acts come in various degree of incredulity and absurdity such as eating a bowlful of hot chilis in one sitting, peeling several coconut husks using one’s teeth, bending many bars of steel in one’s neck, smashing one’s head through a couple of hollow blocks, or muzzling the blades of an electric fan with one’s tongue. 

In every risky showcase the audience are treated to a load of cheap thrills that amusingly conceal some form of exploitation and discomfort on the part of the ‘performers’. Unknown to many, the pugilists belong to the lower strata of society whose sole motivation in joining could be a redemption from extreme poverty which they hope could be brought by their newfound celebrity status attained through media exposure. Survival dictates that they master a unique  ‘craft’ to get noticed. 

With the delight each exhibition brings, the local viewers are (mis)led to believe that such is the Filipino’s greatness and skillfulness. But what kind of talent and at what expense, nobody dares to ask. This film is a disturbing yet funny exposition on the emerging Pinoy culture and concept of frivolity in the guise of specialty. Believe it… or not.

directed by: Mes De Guzman

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