january 23-30, 2002
greenbelt cinema 1, makati city
metro manila, philippines



Best Film Digital Talkies International Film Festival 2001
           Best Film Kara Film Fest 2001
           Best Screenplay Kara Film Fest 2001
           Best  supporting Actor Kara Film Fest 2001

divra drishti

Made in the tradition of Dogma and Dogma-inspired horror such as The Blair Witch Project, Divya Drishti is set in the seemingly desultory environs of suburban Mumbai. A charlatan sadhu sits at Raju's chai shop, drinking cheap country liquor and hoodwinking eager, if not innocent workers and housewives who come to him for advice. The neighbourhood he counsels is tied together in a complex net of sexual betrayal, unfulfilled desire and blind faith in the sadhu's healing power.


One day, however, the sadhu begins to lose his eyesight. The doctors tell him the cause is his alcoholism, but he knows better: his imminent blindness brings with it a new 'vision', cataclysmic nightmares, hallucinations and, finally, the truth. Thus, the film examines the very nature of truth and belief, pitting blindness against vision and fact against fiction to create a tragic, and perhaps cathartic, climax.


The Filmmaker

Sidharth Srinivasan graduated from St. Stephen's College with a degree in Economics. Sidharth's first independently written, produced and directed film, The Tightrope Walker [35 mm, colour, 15 min], made when he was 24, was screened in competition at the 57th Venice Film Festival. Divya Drishti is his first full-length
feature film.

Directed by : Sidharth Srinivasan;

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