january 23-30, 2002
greenbelt cinema 1, makati city
metro manila, philippines




digital editing


Part I. Story Telling Techniques

Establishing Shot


Flash Cutting

Parallel Cutting

Scene Transitions

Suspension of Disbelief

Rule of Thirds

Frame for two

Trombone Effect / Jump cut

Cutting on action

180 degrees / Crossing the line

Enter / Exit Frame / Screen Direction


Part II. Editing Technology

Low Resolution Editing Via Avid Express DV



Bin Management

Pre Editing

Editors Cut

Directors Cut

Fine Cutting

Online Editing / Finishing on the Avid Symphony

Batch Digitize

I. EDL (Edit Decision List)

II. Finishing Resolutions

III. Reconforming


I. Optical Effects

II. Titles


Exporting to Multiple Formats

Frame Aspect Ratio  (CCIR-601)

Square Pixels
Non Square Pixels

I. Using Sorenson via Quicktime 5

II. Exporting  to Mpeg 1

III. Exporting for Effects

Third Party Apps in Brief

I. Photoshop 6.0

II. After Effects 5.0

III. Preparing Material

IV. Rendering Material


To be conducted by Dave Hukom of Digital Media.

Copyright 2001 .Mov: The 1st Philippine Digital Film Fest and Filmless Films. 
 All Rights Reserved.