january 23-30, 2002
greenbelt cinema 1, makati city
metro manila, philippines










A Brown Comedy

Directed By:  Khavn Dela Cruz

  AMEN, A Brown Comedy [15 minutes]
"AMEN, A Brown Comedy," the Filipino version of the black comedy. It is a cultural satire on the Filipino way of "Mano". In the film,we see an obedient child, Elbis, go through great lengths to please his mother to the point of hurting himself. In the end, Elbis discovers that to be true to one's self is more honorable than blindly following what culture dictates. (click picture to watch the film)


Cast: Ron Capinding, Maricar Du, Ricky Abad, Khavn Dela Cruz, Rudy Guttierez, Danny Cinco, Gabe Mercado, Lenti Lentejos, Charmaine Cruz, Jay Ignacio, Pacing Dela Cruz, Vince Henson, Bubu De Ocampo, Ervin Ian Marquez, John Doliente
Written By: Khavn Dela Cruz
Edited By: Khavn Dela Cruz
Music: Abet Delos Reyes
Produced By: Khavn Dela Cruz
Cinematography By: Lee Meily

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