january 23-30, 2002
greenbelt cinema 1, makati city
metro manila, philippines








ako si Superbiker

Set in the early 80ís, it is a story of Juanito as a child, whose lost of his first owned property motivated him to pursue a better life.

Cast:  Justeen Niebres, JP Cabasag, Manuel Urbano Jr., Maimai Tumangan,
Peping Nunes, Jun Sabayton, Rey Agapay, Chok Cordero, Sheila Mae Benjamin

Director:  Lyndon Santos
Writer:     Lyndon Santos
Cinematographer:  Lyle Sacris
Asst. Director:  Christian delos Santos
Production Designer:  Bambam Luneta
Art Director:  Jun Sabayton
Sound Supervision:  Mark Villena
Editor:  Edsel Abesames
Animation:  Nonoy Dadivas, Denise Lao, Edsel Abesames
Original Musical Score:  Kulas Cabardo
Production Manager:  Rina Guidote
Production Assistance:  Janjan Dacuma, Gj Ouano, Kevin Santos, Lee Benjamin



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