january 23-30, 2002
greenbelt cinema 1, makati city
metro manila, philippines




the shawl


 An adaptation of Parveen Talha's short story, The Shawl tells the story of Agnes and Sakina - the Dulhan Begum. Upon Dulhan Begum's death, her friend Agnes recalls the years they had spent together. Agnes remembers the Begum's fetish for an old, worn-out shawl, a stole that strangely enough had a bearing on the Begum's personality and behaviour. As the narrative unfolds, Agnes discovers, however accidentally, the real story behind the shawl.  


The Filmmaker


Muzaffar Ali is a painter, designer, filmmaker. Whatever his creative impulse, it is always motivated by a particular vision of the human condition - that of a world in which love is the reigning concern. He draws inspiration from human helplessness and eventual, undeniable strength. His first film was Gaman, of which Faiz Ahmen Faiz remarked, 'Muzaffar Ali's Gaman is a poem in visuals. Its tragic lyricism, its muted eloquence... it sensitively conceives and truthfully captures the beauty and heartbreak of the human situation... a veritable tour de force'.

Directed by: Muzaffar Ali


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