january 23-30, 2002
greenbelt cinema 1, makati city
metro manila, philippines














winter oranges

Ryuki has lived all his life on Sagi, a small island off the coast of Hiroshima. His ancestors have always grown oranges and scallions there but Ryuki is tired of all that. He is married and his wife, Kaori is expecting their first child but Ryuki dreams about going to Tokyo to work in the theater.

One day a group of tourists come to the island and Ryuki meets Hinako, a journalist from Tokyo who has come to Sagi to write about the Winter Orange Festival. But she is mistaken. No such festival exists. Ryuki takes her and some friends into the Sagi hills to meet his uncle who runs an orange orchard. Attracted to the journalist, Ryuki reflects about travel, inspired by Basho, a wandering Japanese poet from the 17th Century.

A love affair, working in the theater in Tokyo, travel itself all would take Ryuki away from what he has known since childhood. But today with modern communication and transportation, can one really be said to travel anymore? Constructed like a dream, WINTER ORANGES is a film about Ryuki's decision to go or to stay. In the end the unanswered question is asked in each viewer's heart.

Directors: Rob Nilsson, Nobuhiro Suza
Producers: Tazz Nishihara, Hideyuki Miyaoka
Cinematographer: Nishihara
Editor: Chikara Motomura, Marshall Spight
Cast: Ryuki Tenmaya, Chie Uchida, Kaori Nakata, Hinako Atsumi
Print Source: Rob Nilsson

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