january 23-30, 2002
greenbelt cinema 1, makati city
metro manila, philippines













filmless filmography

THE TWELVE by Khavn De La Cruz (2000)

          Starring Angel Aquino.

          The reincarnations of the 12 Apostles meet once again to await Christ's

          Second Coming. A slacker-MTV version of Samuel Beckett's "Waiting For Godot".

JOURNEY by JJ Duque (2000)

          Where soulmates meet only in their dreams, while reality bites  harshly.

DATGILAB by Gatla Gunawin (2001)

          A videoke adventure fantasy about an inverted Manila where in a

          pseudo-Victor Wood battles the polio-mastermind Freddie Aguilar.

GREASEMAN by Khavn De La Cruz (2001)

          Starring Eric Quizon and Lou Veloso.

          A psychedelic silent-film about the contrapuntal lives of a Greaseman

          (Third-world Bum) and a Yuppie, intersecting and interchanging, one

          hazy night. An improvisatory "Prince & Pauper" shot in a day.

TRONONG GINTO (Golden Throne) by Roxlee (2001)

          A treasure hunter looks for the Golden Throne guarded by a menacing

          wild hermit. The surrealist sequel to the super-8 cult classic "Tronong

          Puti" (White Throne).

IMPOSIBLE (Impossible) by Mes De Guzman (2001)

          A black comedy on media, poverty, & freak shows.


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