january 23-30, 2002
greenbelt cinema 1, makati city
metro manila, philippines









digital animation



Objective:    To introduce the evolution of animation from traditional to
                  digital, its production and publishing. 

Target Audience:    Students and Digital Animation Starters, Creative Professionals

Medium:  Macromedia Flash


          Introduction to Flash
          Layers and Timeline
          Frame by Frame Animation
          Delivering Movies



3D Overview and Introduction

          This will deal with what 3D graphics really are.  General thoughts and theories.


2D and 3D Graphics Foreword

          Discusses the value of having good 2D skills before taking up 3D graphics


3D Graphics Working Methods And Discussion Of General Techniques

Gives an overview of the types of 3D graphics working methods and the different techniques in handling different types.  There are three basic types of modeling: they deal with Ploygons, NURBs, and SubPatch techniques.  This section will deal mostly with modeling.


3D Graphics Texturing

Discusses basic techniques that deal with texturing your model.Texturing is as difficult as  modeling and this is where some knowledge of 2D techniques will benefit the artist.


3D Character Rigging

Discusses the basic techniques for “rigging” or setting up your character for animation.  A separate job in itself.


3D Animation

          Discusses the basics for animating in 3D.


3D Lighting

Discusses another aspect of production, the lighting manager, who is responsible for the clarity and detail in a shot through the use of lighting and lens setting.


3D Technical Directing

Discusses another important skill in 3D production and technical direction.  These are the people who employ mathematical skills in order to create and render effects which are beyond the responsibilities of the animator.


3D Graphics, Putting It All Together

Notes on compositing techniques, achieving a better workflow through rendering management.


3D Graphics In Print Publications

Aside from actual animation, 3D is also used for illustration, covers, and posters.


A Brief Overview Of Its Uses In The 2D World.


To be conducted by Cliff Velasco & Bong Modesto of Artist's Den.

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