january 23-30, 2002
greenbelt cinema 1, makati city
metro manila, philippines



bilanggo sa dilim
(prisoner in the dark)

Sometimes a woman could prove to be too much for a man. Either he surenders himself to her or controls her by the only way he knows how. Just how easily can obsession turn into love? And love into disgust? Disgust into murder?

A lone photographer is enchanted by a model whom he stalks, kidnaps, and transports to his home in the province. His intensity scares her and she decides to flee, until he professes his love for her. She relents to a 2-week stay in his home where she learns of his obsession with a particular woman from his past. She gleans the truth about him, acts upon her fear of what he can do, and does the one thing that would liberate them both from their captive past.

Cast: Rio Locsin, Cherie Gil, Joel Torre
Director: Mike De Leon
Mike De Leon, Bobby Lavides, Jose Almojuela
Production Design: Lito Perez
Editors: Mike De Leon, Emy Santiago
Music: Jun Latonic
Lighting Director: Ely Cruz
Executive Director: David S. Lim
1hr 20min

Copyright 2001 .MOV: The 1st Philippine Digital Film Fest and Filmless Films. 
 All Rights Reserved.