about us

Artists' Den started on June 2000 formed by one of its original members Rolan and Ariel. Having an idea to make a group of Artists, Designers etc. with the same interest.

With their dreams and goals that using Art as a powerful tool to change the world.

Having a small group. They meet in anyplace.having their own "Tamabayan". or mini base anywhere.

Oct 6 Lyndon Gregorio joined the group.
another addition as a one of the talented artist.

Before Artists' Den was formed. they have their own group called Art Core. Many joined the group.
The group has their own music side. They played and performed in Oracafe Poetry Bar.
They make workshop for individuals, share, teach, and enhancing the skill of a certain individual for FREE.

Dec 2000. Happy Mutant, a xmas party. An event that to reveal one special talent to another person.

Another Group is formed called Ugat Lahi. A group that determines to change to world by using Art.
They have released a series of workshop that makes to grow a certain individual to release his special talent.

All in all. They may have organized lot of groups.
only one mission and vision they have to fulfill.
Dream of changing the Filipino Culture. That the FIlipino can do all kinds of arts.

Now Artists' Den is an Artist Support Group.
Helping any people, group, etc. in promoting, teaching, guiding the nation in form of Art.